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Thank you for taking a look at Gramotki. It is our sincere wish that you find it both enjoyable and productive. 

What is it - Gramotki

Gramotki evolved in 11th Century Russia as the name for pieces of birch bark that were used for note taking and letter writing. With the appearance of System 7.5, Gramotki re-emerged onto the Macintosh. We recognize Apple's Sticky Notes to be an excellent and stable desk accessory. But we also believe, through our research, that the expectations of Gramotki users over 800 years ago would require a bit more utility along with more exploitation of the vast capabilities of the Macintosh.

Make Notes is the next version of popular Gramotki application that was developed by Dennis Ionov for the Mac OS X. This application allows you to have little snippets of text to be placed on the desktop. Each snippet is a small sticky note that can be activated and edited at any time. Store text clippings, banners and other information right on your desktop in a convenient years. You can as well paste pictures in the sticky.

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