Anatomy of Calendar

Gramotki provides a calendar window allowing date data to be dragged and dropped to any note. The date will appear in the short or long format as specified in Preferences; by holding the shift key down (while dragging), the opposite format will be used.
While using the calendar, if you select Auto Advance from the Special menu, the active calendar will also default to the current date/month/year.
To make the active calendar show weekdays on top (as on the example image), select Show Weekdays from the Special menu.
Varying the font size from the Text menu, also varies the overall calendar size proportionally.
If you option-double-click on a date in calendar a new note for that date will be created.
To find a date reference just double-click on a date in the Calendar.

How to create calendar

Select Add Calendar from the Special menu

How to remove calendar

Just close calendar window

Copy calendar

You can use Copy command in the Edit menu to copy calendar in a tab-delimited format. This is specially handy when you design printed calendars.

Shift-Copy will rotate tab-delimited calendar 90 degree CCW.