After unstuffing, simply drag the Gramotki folder to the desired location on your hard disk, and it's ready to use.

You may wish to place an alias of Gramotki in your Apple Menu Items folder or on your desktop. You can also place an alias to any notes storage file into the Startup Items folder (inside the System Folder) if you desire to have Gramotki running upon startup.

Do not place the Gramotki application itself
into the Startup Items folder - this may cause a crash at startup.

Gramotki's memory partition is set to a default of 384K (preferred 512K). To adjust it select the Gramotki application icon while in the Finder, and select "Get Info" from the Finder's file menu or press Command-I. If you intend to print notes, change the preferred memory value to at least 400k. Likewise, if your use of Gramotki increases significantly, increasing memory via the Finder will remedy any future "out of memory" instances.
If you have small amount of free memory, set this value to 256K, but don't try to print in Gramotki - since the print manager uses the application's memory, you may experience a crash with error -25 (fatal out of memory).

Under MacOS 8 you may note that Gramotki uses more memory than specified in the "Get Info" box; this is because Gramotki frequently uses temporary memory, if it is available, to speed up operations.