Protect storage with password...
This provides simple password protection. A flag in the notes storage instructs Gramotki to request a password, which is stored as a clear text. Previous versions will open password "protected" storage files just fine.

Delete only one note at a time
Since many notes could be erroneously deleted (not an "undo-able" transaction) selecting this will disable the delete menu if an attempt is made to delete multiple notes simultaneously.

In the new note...

You can choose whether to place or not to place date and time in newly opened notes.

User Interface

Long date format
Selecting this will change the date expression default to short for further notes creation or dragging of dates from the calendar.

Recognize header of text
Selecting this allows you to allocate the first line of a note as the header (for display in the list mode or while a note displays its title bar only. To make this feature work, there should be a full blank (no spaces) line following the text that makes up the desired header.

Open/close window animation
Selecting this enables finder zoom rects during opening and closing of Gramotki notes, list or calendar.

Shrinked note moves independently
Normally top left corner of note in shrinked state is always at the same position as in normal state. This option allows you to move note in shrinked state independently of normal state.

Sunday is last day of week
Adjusts display of calendar for many countries, where Sunday is last day of week and Monday is first.

Inactive note appearance (right radio-buttons)
Let you choose preffered appearanceo of inactive notes and their behavior.


You may establish a default or "standard" font for notes with any installed font and with any desired font size. Keep in mind that you will retain the ability to vary your fonts/sizes in any created note. This is particularly useful in pre-determination of the calendar's font, since calendar adjustments are limited to font sizes (which also determine the overall calendar size).