Sometimes you may experience problems with a Notes Storage.

First - try to increase Gramoki's memory partition in Finder's Get Info box. This will help especially if you often paste large text or images in notes. You can alvays get Free memory info in the Gramotki About box.

This also may be the result of a damaged file system (after crash), intrusion of another application or extension in Gramotki's memory partition or other abnormal circumstances. General rule to prevent this is to make a backup as often as possible. We use a little AppleScript script to backup the notes storage at every shutdown.

What to do if you haven't backup? You may try optimize Notes Storage (this also repairs it). If damaged storage produces an error at opening try to hold down the control key when opening (this may be difficult on MacOS 8 - just select Open from contextual menu) for 3-4 seconds to initiate optimization. Otherwise you can start optimization from the Statistics dialog box.

During optimization Gramotki will perform a simple integrity check of every note and optimize their location in storage file. If a note is damaged and can't be restored it will be deleted. You will be notified about that and will be able to cancel optimization if you want. If the note can be restored it will be done.

You may disable automatic opening of notes at opening of storage by holding the shift key while opening.